The 4VCA 31A is 4 individual high quality low noise linear VCAs on a single panel. Designed as a voltage controlled 4 x 1 sub-mixer for both audio and DC voltage control. An essential module for medium to large systems.

Pull switches in the pots are used to switch between the two following modes.

AC mode: the VCA inputs are capacitor coupled for minimum offset feed through to reduce 'thumping' with sharp attacks on audio signals.

DC mode: the VCA inputs are direct coupled to the VCAs for processing control voltages and clocks/gates etc.

The four VCAs are summed to the Mix output for combining all 4 channels to one output.

  • Features:
  • 4 VCAs with separate panel controls and CV inputs
  • Low noise SSM2164 VCA ICs
  • 75-80dB of control range
  • Linear response
  • Mix out for summed VCAs

4 Class A VCAs
Input/Output: 0-20V P-P
CV input: 0-5V
75-80 dB control range
Linear response
Outputs: 1k ohms
Inputs: 100k ohms

Current Requirements: