The VC Flanger 38A is another BBD based design from F/X master Michael Irwin. Driving the BBD into the MHz range, the shortest available delay is 180 micro seconds (.000180 seconds) On board LFO with voltage control of rate and depth for more sonic flexibility using fewer modules. The VC Flanger clock frequency can track a keyboard at 1V/oct response over a 4-5 octave range. This feature permits experimentation with "physical modeling' synthesis. Information on modular synths and physical modeling is discussed in a Sound on Sound article based on the experiments of Ron Berry.

Audio Input impedance: 100K 10V p-p max
Output impedance 1K 10V p-p max
Min delay: 180 microseconds
Max delay: 12.8 milliseconds
Control response adjustable from zero to +/- 1 V/oct
Sweep range: 70:1
Regen: adjustable from zero to self-osc
LFO rate adjustable from 50 Hz to one cycle every 30 minutes
LFO control response 1 V/oct br>

Current Requirements:

MP3 demos
Some analogue 'physical modeling' experiments:

Physical Sax
Physical trumpet.mp3
Physical clarinet.mp3

Jet blasts of swept noise with normal and inverse notch settings
Normal noise.mp3
Inv noise.mp3

Flanger processing of String samples.