The X/Y CONTROLLER 32a is a joystick controller with separate X and Y axis outputs for modulation and a manual push button gate included. Two modes of operation exist:

Mode 1- with the mode switch set to INT the internal 5V reference voltage is routed to the X and Y outputs to be used for voltage control of modules with cv inputs. Attenuators and Offset panel controls permit further adjustment of voltage ranges.

Mode 2- with the mode switch set to EXT the X and Y inputs can be routed to their respective outputs by the joystick. This allows cv or audio signals to be attenuated by the joystick. With this you can for example, route an LFO to the X output to modulate a filter cutoff while controlling the pitch of an oscillator with the Y output. Panel attenuators control the depth of modulation range.

  • Features:
  • X and Y joystick (non sprung) with zero
  • output at lower left position
  • Panel attenuators
  • +/- 5V offset controls
  • Internal stable 5V reference
  • External signal inputs
  • 5V Manual Gate

Input impedance: 100K ohms
Output impedance: 330 ohms
Signal Output: 10 V pk-pk
Signal Input: 10 V pk-pk
Gate out +5V

Current Requirements:
+15mA at +15V
-13mA at -15V