The 67B Low-Pass filter is a new look at one of the basic building blocks of any modular synth. Two features distinguish this filter from the typical low-pass found in most modulars.

The first is the ability to dial in the filters order response between first order and 8th order or 1 to 8 poles, each pole providing -6dB of attenuation of frequencies above the filter cutoff resulting in a filter with -6 to -48dB of attenuation.

The second feature is the -48dB 8th order response which is unusual in a synth filter due to the usual complexity of the circuit.

The variable pole feature makes the 67B a highly versatile filter having the ability to select between the nasal character of a 2 pole -12dB and the thundering bass of a -48dB 8 pole and all responses in between.

Other features include full CV controlled Resonance and on-board 3x1 mixer.

  • Module Highlights:
  • 48dB filter maximum response
  • Panel select for -6,-12,-18,-24,-30,-36,-42,-48dB response
  • CV and 1V/OCT control of frequency
  • 16Hz-20kHz range
  • CV Resonance
  • 3x1 On-board mixer
  • very low distortion and noise design
  • excellent temperature stability and tracking
  • minimal pass band attenuation at high resonance settings

16Hz-20kHz range
Output: 1Kohms
Input: typical 5V pk-pk@100Kohms
Input CV: 5V @100Kohms
Power: +15V @40mA, -15V @35mA

Demo Mp3:
48dB demo
24dB demo
12dB demo
18dB wet demo