Envelope Generator 04B is a comprehensive envelope design featuring voltage control of all envelope stages and a unique GATE HOLD function.

The GATE HOLD function is activated by the DLY/HOLD toggle switch on the front panel. The HOLD feature controls the incoming Gate signal and over-rides the length of the Gate. Short gates can be increased and long gates can be reduced to blips.

The GATE HOLD function provides an added dimension for controlling the envelope response to an incoming pulse train from sequencer or keyboard. The duration of the HOLD is also Voltage controllable.

The DELAY CV input jack is electronically switched between DELAY CV or HOLD CV input to match the state of the DLY/HOLD panel control.


CV control of DADSR stages
Built in GATE processor with pull-switch activation
Gate and Trigger inputs
Envelope status LED
1V/OCT global control CV input
Switch selectable Linear/Log output
Snappy attack

Envelope Stage Range:

Stage Min Dur. Max Dur.
Delay 0 sec 29.7 sec.
Attack 1.7ms 19.24 sec
Decay 1.4ms 16.97 sec.
Sustain 0 Volts 5 volts
Release 1.2ms 33.46 sec.


Input Gate 3-10V
Inputs: 50k ohms
Outputs: 1k ohms
Signal Output: 0-5 V
control sens: 0-5V

Current Requirements:

+30mA at +15V
-15mA at -15V