Capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of the Quad Envelope 60B, the VC AHDBDSR 64B represents our commitment towards perfecting the modular Envelope Generator.

The 64B is a single envelope "one knob per function" real-time design with no hidden features that is a major step up from the standard ADSR with added Hold, Break and two stage Decay for surgical precision over short envelope contours.

Envelope segment times and levels can be modulated individually or in groups, with CV destination assignment via MOD SELECT panel control. Envelope amplitude or level is CV controllable by internal VCA. Amplitude control is an ideal use of the MCV 63B Velocity control feature or in use with any other modules that generate CVs.

The 64B can also be used as a 5 stage LFO in LOOP mode with the ability to reset the LFO cycle by RE-TRIGGER input pulse. In envelope mode RE-TRIGGER can re fire the envelope while GATE is high or GATE alone can be used to trigger envelope in the conventional manner. Other features include Linear, Expo and Log contour shapes as illustrated below. Super fast attack time at 0.3mS, roughly 3 times faster than traditional EGs.

  • Module Highlights:
  • 5 stages with break level between Decay stages 1 & 2
  • CV control of individual and grouped stage durations
  • CV control of envelope/LFO output level
  • Dual mode Envelope or LFO functions
  • Re trigger of envelope or reset LFO start
  • CV AMOUNT is bi-polar for adding or subtracting duration
  • Fast attack time = 300uS
  • Linear, Expo and Log envelope shapes
  • Surgical precision for short percussive sounds
  • Low current consumption
  • Firmware by Tom Wiltshire

Envelope Curves

Envelope Stage Ranges:

Stage Min Dur. Max Dur.
Attack 300uS 22s
Hold 300uS 22s
Decay1 300uS 22s
Break 0 5V
Decay2 300uS 22s
Sustain 0 Volts 5 volts
Release 300uS 22s

Output sample rate: 25kHz@16bit
Output: 0 - 5V @330ohms
Input CV: 0 - 5V @100Kohms
Gate Inputs: +5V @100Kohms
Power: 65mA@+15V, 15mA@-15V