The CV Recorder 57B module provides a radical new approach to generating modulation and voltage control signals. The implications for this module are extensive when placed in a modular synthesizer context.

Concept: Combine the ability to record and playback control voltage signal events from standard modules with the tools to shape, mix, loop and time scale these performances in a simple and repeatable manner.

  • A brief list of possible uses for the 57B:
  • Create asymmetric LFO shapes from Joysticks or ribbon controller signals
  • Control panning and VCA parameters for automated mixing
  • Record long analogue step sequence patterns while changing the step voltages and recording the clock simultaneously for later sync operations
  • Combine and chain together random voltage patterns with sequences and LFOs on 4 channels
  • Record envelope shapes and loop them while adjusting the loop start and end points.
  • Perform granular synthesis type effects on CVs using short loops and sweeping the loop points through the sample under voltage control.
  • Record lo-fi audio samples and shift playback frequency in real-time.
  • Plus many more

  • Features:
  • 20Hz-20kHz Voltage controlled variable sample/playback rate with 1V per octave response
  • 4 seconds of quad sampling @20kHz. Greater than 1 hour @20Hz
  • Quad in/outs with 15 switch selectable channel recording configurations
  • Record and playback simultaneously
  • Rehearse mode for pre-recording experiments
  • Chain multiple samples by recording with different loop points and sample rates.
  • 3 loop modes: Forward, Reverse and Pendulum
  • Panel and voltage controlled Loop start and End controls
  • 3 Playback modes: One shot, Loop and Hold play
  • Gate out provides short pulse at loop start
  • Trigger input for triggering samples when not in loop mode
  • Status Bi-LED indicates various record and playback states
  • Channel LEDs indicate arming of channels for recording.
  • 120MHz DSP processor and 4MB of parallel SRAM

Sample rate : 20Hz-20kHz (10 Octaves)
Recording Inputs: +/-5V Pk-Pk@100Kohms
Outputs: +/-5V Pk-Pk@1 Kohms
Other inputs 0-5V @100Kohms
Current Requirements: 50mA @ -15V, 200mA @ +15V

Demo MP3s

Recorded, using the VC Sequencer 54B into the Quantizer 55B. The voltage steps for the VCDO pitch and FM index and sequencer pulse out were recorded and looped by the CV Recorder. The sliders on the sequencer were tweaked and recorded with each successive pass creating a recognizable pattern but with more variation. The sound component is VCDO, Super Delay and 4VCA with DADSR.