The Dual LFO 05B is an essential and versatile module for systems of any size. An excellent wide range LFO for modulation, gate pulse, clock, slew limiting, Attack/Decay or Attack/Release envelope and voltage follower.

The position of the rise and fall knob in conjunction with the CV inputs define the shape of the output waveforms from triangle to saw and control the pulse width from the pulse output

  • Features:
  • Dual module
  • Voltage control of rate
  • Frequency indicator LED's
  • Can be used in audio range as auxiliary oscillator
  • "Swiss Army knife" of modular functions
  • Switch select CV control of Rise or Fall or both.
  • Range 2.5kHz down to .0002Hz/li>
  • 1 cycle =1hr. and 38mins at slowest rate
  • Simple envelope functions
  • Accurate slew limiter
  • Low current consumption

Specifications: Inputs: 50k ohms
Outputs: 1k ohms
CV Input Range: 0 - +5V
Signal Output: 5 V p-p
Frequency range .0002Hz-2.5kHz