The VCA PANNER 21B is an excellent choice for final system output having CV control of both pan position and level coupled with high grade balanced line driver electronics. The balanced outputs can drive 600ohm loads over long distances to external mixing consoles and sound cards. Balanced drivers also increase the output by 6dB.

  • Features:
  • Dual channels
  • Linear Response VCAs - low noise SSM2164 VCA design
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS outputs for mix out
  • Individually Left/Right outputs for each channel
  • No volume loss panning (center position -3dB)
  • Mix out sums both channels.

Specs: Input impedance: 100K ohms
Output impedance: 1k ohms
Control Voltage input range: 0-5V
Signal Input: 10 V pk-pk
Signal Output: 5V pk-pk non-mix outs.
+4dBu for Balanced 1/4"TRS mix outputs

Current Requirements: