Quad Envelope

The new Quad Envelope does for envelopes what the Quad LFO did for LFOs.

Each of the four envelopes has a jack gate input and CV control. The gate jacks are switching type and "normaled" together to allow triggering all 4 envelopes with one trigger. Plugging a patch cable into the other gate jacks removes them from the mult for independent triggering.

The 4 channel CVs can be routed to modulate the envelope durations with CV amount depth for each mod destination. Any or all envelope stages can be modulated simultaneously with both positive and negative CV amounts resulting in shorter or longer time durations.

There are 4 possible envelope shapes built up from various combinations of expo, log and linear curves.

The bi-color LEDs indicate the amount of CV modulation by their brightness with green for positive and red for negative. This provides some visual feedback about the modulation routing when switching between envelopes.

The Quad Envelope has built in memory storage to save all parameters between power cycles.

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Envelope Durations:
Delay 0-5sec.
Attack 300uS-20sec.
Decay 300uS-20sec.
Sustain 0-8V
Release 300uS-20sec.

Input Gate 3-10V
Inputs: 100k ohms
Outputs: 1k ohms
Envelope Output: 0-8 V
CV Inputs +/-5V

Power Consumption:
30mA @+12V
5mA @-12V

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