Touch Sequencer

The Touch-Sequencer is the first in a series of Modcan modules to be adapted for the Euro Rack format. The Video user manuals below are from the B series version but most of the same features apply to the Euro version.

Sequencer User manual videos.

Intro and Panel Functions
Quick start Part 1
Quick start Part 2
Songs and Sequences
Quantizer and Performance mode
Copy Functions and CV Section
Clocking Modes

Euro User Manual in PDF

A few MP3 demos of single and dual voice sequences:

Bass and High.mp3

Voltage Range for CV ROW outputs:
Quantized 0-4V = 4 Octaves
Un-Quantized 0-7V = 7 Octaves
Gate Outs 0-5V
CV input 0-10V
BPM (internal clock mode) 10-580 BPM
External 0-60000+ BPM (Audio Range)

Power Requirements:
190mA @ +12V
10mA @-12V

  • Features:
  • Resistive Touch screen control of all sequence parameters
  • 4 rows of sequencing with up to 64 step length with chaining
  • each row has own clock with variable row length
  • Each of the 4 rows has separate GATE, PITCH ,NOTE Length and Slew control for a total of 16 rows of sliders.
  • Memory storage for 99 Sequences and 32 Songs and all preferences
  • Up to 8 sequences can be chained together into a song with 1-31 repeats per chained event
  • Built in Quantizer with both pre-set and user defined scales
  • Quantize scales can be designed in real-time while sequencing<
  • Each row can have its own quantization scale or OFF
  • 4 independent clock dividers
  • 1:1 external clocking and 24ppq clocking modes
  • Tap BPM
  • CV modulation input can be routed to any or all 16 pitch,gate,note length and slew destinations.
  • Reset for external Run/Stop control
  • Random modes for each row independently and with external switching
  • Performance mode for real-time switching between sequences
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