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Modcan offers a wide variety of analogue synthesizer modules.From basics such as Oscillators, Filters and VCA's to specialized wave form generation, sequencing and sound processing modules.

Modules are hand built employing well established methods for long term reliability.Circuit boards are assembled using Water soluble flux based solder, followed by a thorough wash with lab grade Ultrasonic washer.Modern analogue components are used throughout with specs and tolerances unavailable in the early years of analogue synth building. All resistors are 1% metal film for precision and low noise.ICs chips used are industry standard and in full production by theirrespective manufacturers.

Module Electrical Specifications:
Pitch Control Voltages: 1 volt per octave
Waveform Voltages: 0- 5V and +/- 2.5V peak-peak
Signal Input Impedance: typically 50-100K
Signal Output Impedance: typically 1K
Envelope Voltages: 0-5V
DC Power: +15V, -15V
AC Power: 115VAC, 220-240VAC

Front Panels:
A series

1 / 8" thick flat aluminum punched and drilled.Panels are black anodized with text and markings in aluminum color where the anodizing has been masked out. This is a superior panel making technique, both durable and sharp with no ink to rub off and was the chosen method of early Moog modules. Panels are 9 inches tall and 2 1 / 4" inches wide for single modules and 4 1 / 2" inches wide for Sequencer 17a

B Series
1/16" aluminum laser cut with bent flanges for rigidity.Panels are painted with semi-gloss Sherwin Williams Alkyd enamels and then baked at high temperature to produce a tough and attractive finish.Text and graphics are silk screened using epoxy inks and then baked for solid adhesion.Panels are 8-3/4" tall (5U) and either 1-3/4" (1U) or 3-1/2" (2U) wide.

Power Supply:
All modules require a plus and minus 15V LINEARsupply with a suggested current rating of 1.5 amps.Power supplies from Modcan are 1.5 amp and are only available with purchase of Modcan chassis box.Customers wishing to build their own cases or enclosures can purchase PSU from Power One through DigiKey or Mouser Electronics.

A series

Banana jacks where chosen for several reasons:Allows stacking of plugs, therefore no mults required making complex patching easier.Cost- high grade jacks and access to patch cables of astounding durability available for reasonable cost.Color- available in many colors allowing for color coding of input, output ,cv inputs etc.Used in many labs for test equipment.

B Series
Good quality "Switchcraft clone" jacks are used throughout.Many are used in switching applications to provide multiple functions whilesaving panel space.

Modules are built on a per order basis.Contact us for lead times and delivery dates.

Shipping: UPS standard or USPS unless otherwise specified