The SEQUENCER 17A is a traditional 8 step analogue sequencer with 2 rows in parallel or a 16 step single output sequencer using both rows in series.

The following two mp3s are examples of the 4075 as a self oscillating sine wave generator being modulated by the Sequencer 17a and a variety of LFOs,ADSRs and Oscillators.The trigger outs are firing the envelopes.


This is an example of 2 sequencers together. The first sequencer is doing the arpeggiation and the second is adding voltage and shifting the key
Dual Sequencers.mp3

  • Features:
  • Gate outputs for each step
  • Random step selection feature for non-repeating patterns
  • Reset, Hold, Clock, UP/Down and Horizontal row switch inputs
  • Available with built in quantizer for standard intervals
  • Step indicator LEDs

Control Inputs 0-5V
Outputs 0-5V
Gate outputs 5V
Can be clocked into audio range