Basic Concept: Scanner 69B smoothly cross-fades or pans between 8 audio or CV signals, 2 channels at a time. Scanning rate is controlled by an internal VCO or an external CV for direct positioning. Also a clock pulse (or LFO) can be used to sync the scan frequency in a similar manner to that on the Quad LFO 61B. Divisions and multiples of the clock frequency are also available using the rate control pot.

Scan frequency ranges from .016Hz to 400Hz using the internal VCO, with a wider range possible using the CV Scan input. Using the CV scan mode it is possible to use a random or cosine random control signal to create random scan patterns as well. The shape of the wave controls the scan order in this mode.

The internal VCO provides a continuous ultra smooth circular scanning loop which is not possible with traditional designs. For a circular scan they would require a sawtooth CV which would glitch on the reset slope.

Other features include CV and pot control of scan start position or offset from 1, and Span or number of inputs to be scanned from 2-8. Scan direction (L-R or R-L) is controlled by the Rate Pot and DIR jack and the unit also includes an amplitude jack for CV or envelope control of final out level.

It has both Linear and Audio pan response curves as well as a switch mode that allows it to be used like an 8:1 or 4:2 switch with rate and CV controls. Switch selectable input between Audio (AC) and low freq CV (DC) input.

There are many possible uses for this module including: Audio rate Linear interpolation of waves for audio and control Multiple input panning and cross-fading Vibrato effects like an organ scanner. Scan through the 8 filter responses on the Matrix Filter Scan through multiple LFOs to produce wild modulation patterns etc....

  • Features:
  • 8:1 or 4:2 input/output
  • Multiple methods for contolling scanning
  • Wide range of scanning frequencies
  • Low noise SSM2164 analogue signal path
  • Start position, number of channels, and direction of scan CV controlled
  • Log or Linear crossfade or switched mode
  • True zero scan direction
  • Additional final output VCA for level

see manual for operation details

Input: 10V P-P@100Kohms
Output: Unity@1Kohms
Input CV: 0-5V @100Kohms
Clock Inputs: >3V @100Kohms

Current Requirements: