The SWITCH 56B is a 4 in 1 out voltage controlled switch for both audio and CV signals. The analogue switch IC used is capable of handling a very wide dynamic range up to +/-15V with full range audio frequency response. There are two modes of operation for the switch.

1/ In CV mode one of four inputs can be routed to the output.
Control voltage is used to select which of the four inputs is active. With stepped CV voltage the order of switching
does not need to be sequential. A panel knob can also be used for manual selection of routing path.

0 - 1.25V = IN1
1.25 - 2.5V = IN2
2.5 - 3.75 = IN3
3.75 - 5V = IN3

2/ In Seq mode a clock or pulse patched to SEQ input steps the switch input routing sequentially from 1-4.

Other features include LED indicators to show which switch input is active.

This module provides an excellent means of switching between multiple audio sub patches within a larger system.

Specifications: Freq Input Range:DC - 20kHz
Amplitude Range:0 - +/-15V
CV Input Range: 0 - +5V
Clock In: Min 2.5V, Max 10V
Input impedance: 100K ohms
Output impedance: 330 ohms