The VC Dual ADSR 47B packs the maximum envelope control into a single space module. Each ADSR is completely independent.

The CV input for each envelope provides global control over time duration of the ADR stages. A positive control voltage shortens the duration, negative CV lengthens the time duration. This feature adds considerably to the expressive control of static envelopes. An example use of global CV could be tracking a keyboard for proportional pitch to envelope duration.

Another unique feature of the 47B is the ability to switch between linear, logarithmic or extra long release envelope curves.

  • Features per Envelope:
  • Global CV control of ADR time duration and Sustain level
  • Switch selectable Linear/Log/Long Release curves
  • Reference voltage source set by Sustain knob or CV
  • Envelope status LED
  • Wide range envelope duration 1:18000 ratio
  • Snappy attack

Envelope Stage Range:

Stage Min Dur. Max Dur.
Attack 1.7ms 19.24s
Decay 1.4ms 16.97s
Sustain 0 Volts 5 volts
Release 1.2ms 51.0s


Input Gate 3-10V
Inputs: 50k ohms
Outputs: 1k ohms
Envelope Output: 0-5 V
control sens: 0-5V

Current Requirements:

+50mA @ +15V
-15mA @ -15V