Below are a few demo MP3s created by Bruce Duncan to show off the sonic capabilities of Modcan modules. Please also check the individual module pages for more specific demos.

VC Reset LFO.mp3

This sample features the Pan VCA 21 in action. The sound is produced by feeding an Oscillator 01 through the Multimode 10 using the Bandpass output with some resonance. The Sequencer 17a was used for the pattern along with several other modules i.e.. Envelope Gen. and Dual LFO etc.

A snappy sequence demonstrating the sounds capable of the Ring Mod section of the Noise/S&H/Ring 07 as well the fast attack times possible with the 04a Envelope Generators

Drum Processor.mp3
Example of external sound processing through modulated filters.

Sound demos of the Frequency Shifter 39 The original FS spec was revised to included Thru-Zero operation as well as sum and difference outputs for simultaneous up and downshift outputs. Increased range and added compander combine to make the new design an advanced sound processing module. The Frequency Shifter was designed by Michael Irwin.

Noise sweep
Pink noise swept by the FS. No reverb was added even though it sounds like it.

Delay Feedback 1.mp3
Delay Feedback 2.mp3
Two examples of the FS in the feedback loop of the Super Delay module (discontinued). The descending echoes were created using high regeneration settings with the Super Delay feedback loop jacks connected to the FS In and outs.

An example of voice processing with the FS. Radio discussion of a disease that has put Toronto on the map. The up and down shifted signals are panned left and right in the stereo field.

Tuned noise.mp3 547k
Here the FS is processing pink noise and tracking the 1V/oct input making a tuned line from un pitched program material.

Kneel Yung.mp3 1094k
Folky turns Alien. Up and downshift panned left and right.

Instant DJ.mp3 800k
Who needs turntables?
pitchedsaw.mp3 183k
static.mp3 183k
Two examples of sequenced tracking of the Frequency Shifter processing static waveforms. In both cases the source material were very low audio frequency sawtooth waves.

The following mp3s feature the Reverb 35 module. This is a spring reverb using the Accutronics 3 spring long tank. Voltage controlled wet/dry mix and a feedback loop control make this a versatile reverb suitable for the high frequency demands of synthesizer application.