The VCO 01B is a true analogue oscillator with wide range tracking and excellent temperature stability. All the "classic" waveforms with an exceptionally pure Sine wave, unusual for analogue wave shapers.

Individual Waveform Outputs

Triangle, Sawtooth, Sine and Pulse w/PWM
Sinewave sample mp3
Square wave sample mp3
Sawtooth wave sample mp3

Sync Input
Allows synchronization with another oscillator
for hard sync effects or waveform start reset in LFO mode.
Hard sync sample mp3

V/Oct Input
Temperature compensated exponential converter tracks input at 1 volt per octave. One volt per octave conforms to standards used by most manufacturers of midi to cv converters and other modular systems

Range Switch
12 position Octave rotary switch simplifies octave tuning of multiple oscillators

CV Input (exponential)
Control Voltage input with attenuator to control the depth of expo frequency modulation. When the knob is centered no modulation occurs. Positioning the knob to the left of zero inverts the incoming voltage (negative) and to the right the voltage is non-inverted (positive).
CV input modulation sample mp3

FM Input (linear FM)
Control Voltage input with attenuator to control the depth of linear frequency modulation.
FM modulation sample mp3

Pulse Width
Pulse width is adjustable from 5-95% using INI PW control in combination with CV input and PWM Amount attenuator

Fine Pitch adjustment
Large Fine Tune control with response optimized for best resolution near zero position.
Range: +/- 1 octave

Low/Hi Switch
This oscillator can do double duty as an LFO

Specifications: Outputs: 1k ohms
Signal Output: Triangle and Sine: +/- 2.5V
Saw and pulse: 0-5V
Frequency range .0038Hz-100kHZ combined Range and CV
control sens: 1V/Oct

Current Requirements:
+55mA @ +15V
-40mA @ -15V