The Dual Phaser is a all digital dual channel phase shifter featuring 6, 12 or 24 stage phase networks.

Each channel can function as an independent mono shifter or used together with a shared signal for stereo effects. Chaining the two channels together in series can create a very deep 48 stage phase shifter.

The phaser effect is based upon a chain of all-pass filters.
Each filter passes all frequencies equally, but shifts their phase relationships. When the shifted audio is mixed with the original audio, some frequencies phase cancel while others add together to create notches and peaks in the frequency response. Modulating the filter's phase shift with an LFO sweeps those notches and peaks up and down the frequency range.

The feedback panel knob controls the level of the filter's output fed back to its input, increasing the height of the peaks and the depth of the notches, creating a resonance effect. High feedback and sweeping the filter through the upper spectrum creates the iconic sound of a strong phaser effect.

The number of notches and peaks of the phaser effect depend upon the number of all-pass filters chained together. Each filter adds a notch or a peak. The more stages the richer the phaser effect.

Even the best analogue phase shifters are limited to 12 or 14 stages as the accumulated noise from all the filter networks becomes too great. Having dual 24 stages is really only practical in the digital realm.

  • Features:
  • 2 independent Phase Shifter channels in one package
  • CV control of feedback for each channel
  • CV control of Shift for each channel
  • Clip indicators
  • High Quality Codec
  • 16bit Audio
  • 20Hz-20khz response
  • Modest current consumption
  • Width 12HP
  • Firmware by Eric Brombaugh

Sample Rate: 48kHz
Sample Resolution: 16-bit
Output: typical +/-5V @1Kohms
Input: typical +/-5V @100Kohms
Input CV: +/-5V @100Kohms
Power: +12V @70mA, -12V @10mA

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