The DualWave is a dual numerically controlled oscillator (NCO). Similar in design to the FMVDO but without the internal FM capabilities.

DualWave Highlights:

180 single cycle waves that can be loaded into the A and B oscillators and blended together to form complex wave shapes.

The two oscillators can be detuned against each other to produce gradually evolving sounds that beat against each other or set to intervals, 3rds, 5ths, Octaves etc. for added thickening.

The ability to combine two distinct wave shapes produces a huge variety of tonal possibility that is not available with a standard single oscillator. The Blend control is not just a simple mixer, but is actually a morph function that performs a mathematical linear interpolation between the two waves to produce a third new wave.

Wave sequencing is also possible for each oscillator with independent CV control.

Firmware by DSP designer Eric Brombaugh.

  • Features:
  • Dual 32-bit NCOs - 50 micro-Hertz resolution (no zippering)
  • 180 waves on board with 1000s of blend combinations.
  • No wave ROMs required
  • Hi-Res button for increased resolution on wave selection
  • CV control of wave selection for both Oscillators
  • CV control of oscillator detuning and blend
  • Built in Semi-tone Quantizer
  • Octave switch for oscillator B frequency offset
  • Crystal tuning stability with +/-0.005% pitch tracking accuracy over 10 octaves
  • 12HP wide approx. 1" deep

Frequency Range: 10 Octaves
Output: +/-5V or 10Vpk-pk @1Kohms
Input CV 0-10V @100Kohms
Current: 80mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V

Demo MP3s

Demo1 MP3
Demo2 MP3

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