Dual Quantizer module. Two discrete circuits, functionally independent and identical. Converts continuous signal to DC step output voltage conforming to typical musical scales. Fast sample acquisition time, resulting in excellent response/ conversion with no audible slew. Zero Droop design.

Dual Mode operation
Mode 1: Functionally equivalent to a Sample and Hold. Voltage step will only change with a rising edge pulse or trigger applied to the CLOCK input jack. Unique design requires no hold capacitor. Result is zero 'droop' and infinite hold. Ideal use of mode 1 is in conjunction with a sequencer. The sequencer gate bus can be used to initiate the sampling of each sequencer step.

Mode 2: No-Clock or free mode.
Voltage step output changes automatically when the input crosses the conversion threshold determined by the scale selected. This is the mode users will be familiar with when using the MiniWave to quantize. The one difference here is that with each transition a 5ms pulse is output from the PULSE out jack. This provides the ability to trigger envelopes or logic inputs in synch with step changes.

Combined 48 scales and chords in 3 banks. Panel and CV control of scale selection. Input 0-5V+ @ 100K ohms

TRANSPOSE: Transpose scales in 12 semitone increments. Not just an offset function but a true key transposition. Panel and CV control of Transpose. Input 0-5V+ @ 100K ohms

LEDs: Binary numbering indicates scale selected

PULSE OUT : 5ms pulse or trigger is output whenever a new step is converted. Output +5V @ 330 ohms

INVERT: Logic high patched to jack results in scale inversion. Low voltage input converts to high scale step and vice versa. Excellent for adding variation to a static sequence pattern. Input +5V @ 100K ohms

CLOCK Input : Rising edge pulse initiates sample acquisition. Input +5V @ 100K ohms

INPUT: Signal input to be quantized. Input range +/-5V @ 100K ohms

OUTPUT: quantized step output Output range +/-5V @ 330 ohms

MP3 Demos:
Major.mp3 Invert function used to add variation.

Sample and Hold.mp3
Sampling white noise quantized with 1/4tone scale and transitioning to other scales in bank A